Vignette Photo Effect

Add vignette effect to your photos conveniently and quickly

How to Add Vignette Photo Effect

Step 1

Upload the photo, which you need to edit and for the upload to complete.

Step 2

Adjust the vignette effect for your photo, the depth of the blur and the zone.

Step 3

After editing you can easily download the new photo file to your device.

Vignette Photo Effect

Why you may need to add vignette effect to a photo

Vignetting is called darkening the corners of a photograph. Vignetting is also often called vignette. After a couple of minutes, you can easily darken the corners of the frame in any of your photos. In fact, vignetting can appear not only as darkening, but also as lightening the edges of the image. The correct vignette looks like a smooth change in the tone of the photo from the center to the edges. The term vignetting means a splash or frame that frames a photograph. This word denotes a certain change in illumination, which is observed in some images. The darkening effect can occur for technical reasons, but some photographers use it as an artistic technique. The word vignetting itself comes from the French word Vignette, which means a frame that covers the image around the edges. Initially, vignette was understood as decorating borders in books, but later the word vignetting began to be used for portraits in photography, the image in which is clearly visible in the center, but gradually disappears at the edges.

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