Photo Brightness Editor

Adjust the brightness of your photos quickly for free and online

How to Adjust Photo Brightness

Step 1

Upload the photo, which you need to edit and for the upload to complete.

Step 2

Adjust the brightness of the photo by lowering or increasing it.

Step 3

After editing you can easily download the new photo file to your device.

Photo Brightness Editor

Why change the brightness of a photo

No photographer is safe from too dark or overexposed shots. Even professionals do not always manage to accurately get into the exposition, and this is due to inattention, haste or difficult lighting conditions. Therefore, the question of how to adjust the brightness during processing is always relevant. Do you have some pictures that you would like to make brighter, but could not? Or maybe the photo suits you, but somehow it is dull and desaturated? But we now have a wonderful graphic editor, so today I’ll tell you how to change the brightness so that your photos become juicy, bright and saturated. With a light tweak, you will tweak the tonality of your shot, then tweak individual areas and add warmth. The main thing is to specify the photo on your computer or phone, specify the desired level of image brightness.

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