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How to View Private Instagram

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View Private Instagram

Why you may need to privately view Instagram

If you watch another person's stories in the Instagram app or web version, the view will be captured and the account owner will see it. But if you need to hide your curiosity, there are many ways to anonymously watch other people's stories. None of them will allow you to do this if the profile is private or stories were published only for Best Friends. View your Instagram profile anonymously. Anonymous viewing of stories, posts, igtv. Officially, Instagram does not allow you to watch Stories anonymously. But who and when did the prohibitions stop? Any Story in an open account can be viewed in different ways: using the application for viewing Stories anonymously on Android / iPhone, on the website online (without registration), by installing a browser extension or using the Telegram bot.

When a user posts a story to Instagram, he sees the number and a list of those people who have viewed it. I believe that if you are interested in the subject of this article, you already know about it. If not, then congratulations on the acquisition of new information. When the site loads the page, the number of stories published in the last 24 hours will be displayed next to the profile photo, and all of them are available for anonymous viewing. The page will look different depending on the number of Instagram Stories posted. If you have a question, how to view or download Instagram Stories anonymously? So you are in the right place and you will definitely get an answer to your question.

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