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How to Add Vignette Photo Effect

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Select one of the applications by clicking on the buttons above the editor window. You can try all available apps.

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If you do not like the application, then just click on another button and another application will load.

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Done! Now your Instagram account will become even cooler and more popular. Don't forget to save our site.

Download Instagram Stories

Why you may need to download Instagram stories

Sometimes it becomes necessary to download stories from Instagram. Firstly, they disappear after 24 hours (sorry to lose), and secondly, you may want to post stories on other social networks, on YouTube or on the website. Despite the fact that there are relevant stories, they are not always convenient for storing a large number of stories. From time to time I also want to save other people's stories with important information so that I can revise them later, but there are no bookmarks or folders on Instagram for this task. A simple utility for Android smartphone owners designed specifically for downloading photos and videos from Instagram stories. Apart from this, the app also allows you to repost and add content to your favorites.

The need to download a story from Instagram appeared almost immediately after the appearance of this functionality. Because Photos and short videos published in Instagram stories are automatically deleted one day after their publication, without the possibility of recovery, if you do not worry about it in advance. It is not possible to add a story to your bookmarks, or send it to your page to return to it later. The principle of operation is extremely simple. In the installed and running application, enter the username. Then a list of published materials will be displayed on the screen. The selected story can be downloaded to the device or repost to your account.

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