Flip Photo Online

Flip your photos horizontally or vertically quickly for free and online

How to Flip Photo

Step 1

Upload the photo, which you need to edit and for the upload to complete.

Step 2

Flip your shot vertically or horizontally and save the result.

Step 3

After editing you can easily download the new photo file to your device.

Flip Photo Online

Why you may need to flip or mirror a photo

Mirroring a photo is a common technique used when editing photos. Depending on the purpose, the user can decide to process the photo in this way for various reasons. Although at first glance this may seem unimportant, its correct perception depends on which side of the photo this or that object is located. If you rotate the photo in a mirror image, then the appearance that was initially remembered by the eye appears in a completely different form. Therefore, this technique is more related to the category of design than to those that edit photos. One of the features of photo processing is the effect of a mirror or reflection. That is, the photo bifurcates and combines, making the illusion that a double is standing nearby, or reflections, as if the object is reflected in glass or a mirror that is not visible. The use of mirror reflection will not only allow you to correctly adjust the position of a photo or picture, but also give you a new look at it. Try it and see for yourself! This online tool can work without recompression and loss of quality when saved in jpg format. You can mirror the image on any computer using the free Paint utility installed by default in the Windows 7. After opening the image in this application, go to the Rotate menu, and select the Flip Vertical or Flip Horizontal item.

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