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How to Download Instagram Video

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Select one of the applications by clicking on the buttons above the editor window. You can try all available apps.

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If you do not like the application, then just click on another button and another application will load.

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Done! Now your Instagram account will become even cooler and more popular. Don't forget to save our site.

Download Instagram Video

Why you may need to download Instagram videos

One of the frequently asked questions from users is how to download videos from Instagram. The Instagram application does not provide the ability to download files posted by users, even if they are innocent videos with emoticons. This is prevented by the current privacy policy. Copyright law also plays an important role. Since 2013, Instagram has allowed uploading not only photos, but also videos, which have since long taken root and have become an integral type of content on this social network. However, like many social media and video hosting sites, Instagram does not have built-in tools for downloading videos. Therefore, for this you need to use third-party services and programs. Let's tell you about the best ones.

There is no dedicated button in the app or website for saving media files. Therefore, the method of how to download videos from Instagram to a computer or smartphone is based on the use of third-party services. For iOS, Android and Windows, there are special programs that have the necessary functions. But they require installation as well as customization, which is their disadvantage. Many users have learned to create colorful and high-quality videos for their Instagram profiles. Some people sink so deeply into the soul that you want to keep them to yourself and revise them from time to time. However, what if you need to download a video file from a private Instagram account? There are two ways to solve this problem.

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