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How to Download videos from Instagram and convert them to MP4

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Instagram to MP4

Why you may need to convert Instagram to MP4

Instagram unfortunately does not allow downloading video files to a phone or PC using the built-in function, due to the network's privacy policy and copyright. However, you can still download clips using additional tools. Let's look at ways to overcome this limitation on desktop and mobile devices. Downloading videos to your computer and mobile device is necessary to replenish your personal collections, as well as a piggy bank of ideas for inspiration for content creation. There are many handy mobile applications for downloading videos to your phone, such as Regrann, QuickSave and FastSave. Let's take a closer look at the last option, especially since FastSave for Instagram is one of the most relevant apps with 10 million downloads. It allows you to automatically download videos from Instagram.

Video content literally explodes social media! He's at the top! The main requirements of the audience are quality and originality. Plus, it's always nice to look at the harmonious combination of movement and music. Every day, new videos are uploaded to the service, each of which has its own fans. Some of them motivate not only to watch, but also to write positive comments. Some videos turn out to be so good that you want to download them so that you can watch them offline on all your devices. This year, Instagram has increased its maximum upload time from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. And if earlier users of the service managed to put real video masterpieces in a quarter of a minute, now they can turn to the fullest.

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