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Instagram Calculator

Why you may need to use Instagram calculator

This tool allows you to calculate the cost of advertising on Instagram depending on subscribers, account activity, social signals, audience engagement level and many other factors that affect it. What is the cost of advertising on an Instagram profile? How much do bloggers earn? You can check how much a blogger (or you) could earn from a particular post, just paste the link to his post and click on the button. This tool has been designed to provide potential bloggers and micro-bloggers with an opportunity to earn money. You can determine the activity of an audience on a social network using a formula. ER is considered good on Instagram if its indicators are in the 10-20% limit. The ROI calculator will calculate the optimal cost per click, cost and profit, determine the growth points and indicators to strive for.

User Engagement Rate, or Engagement Rate, is the total number of actions that subscribers take on a specific profile. Using the data, you can determine the effectiveness of promotion methods and the relevance of the proposed topics in the profile. That is, if subscribers are interested in the posts, the level of engagement will be higher. The higher the ER, the more interesting the posts are to your subscribers, and they express this in the form of likes and comments. Simply put, if you have 20,000 subscribers and your posts get 20-30 likes, that's not good. For different social networks, ER can and should be calculated in different ways. And on Instagram, there are many formulas for calculating ER. Therefore, it is incorrect to compare ER indicators of different services, since they can use different algorithms.

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